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God Moves in a Mysterious Way

from the book Al-Faraj ba'dasy-Syiddah by At-tanukhi there is a story about a man.

now this man was in a dead end, where his life seems has hit rock bottom.
so then he came to face a day where he and his family hasn't eat at all because there is nothing to eat at their home, and this is his story

"at the first day, my family and I was starving. and we were still starving at the second day. as the night starts to crawl in, my wife spoke to me "please go, go out and do anything to bring some food at the table, cause we were dying right now"

the man continues to tell his story
"I remembered a lady that i knew before, I told her about my conditions"
she replied "except for this rotten fish, i don't have anything in this house" well then i said "please give that rotten fish for me, cause my family and I were starving to death right now" so i took that fish with me and cut it off. who would have guessed that there is a pearl hidden inside that fish.
I've sold the pearl for one thousand dinar, which then i informed it also to the lady that gave me that fish. she said "i will not take anything except if it was my rights to have it" and after that I became rich. I filled my house with furnitures, my life starts getting better and it seems that things just got easier for me to earn things in life. I'm sure that this is all came only from Allah S.W.T kindness nothing else except that.

"Dan, apa saja nikmat yang ada pada kamu, maka dari Allah-lah (datang)nya" (QS. An-Nahl:52)

"(Ingatlah), ketika kamu memohon pertolongan kepada Rabb-mu, lalu diperkenankan-Nya bagimu" (QS. An-Anfal:9)

*satu kopian bebas gw dari tulisan Dr. 'Aidh al-Qarni, kata guru-guru dulu di sekolah siy... sampaikanlah walau hanya satu ayat, jadi bolehkan kalau gw coba juga... (sangat amat terima koreksi kalau memang ada pengartian diatas yang ngawur)
so remember guys... we could never guess from which directions our pray will be answered


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