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Resolutions Reminder!

Gw lagi mau nulis… entah mau nulis apa tapi gw lagi mau nulis…

Have you ever felt that urge when u really-really wanted to express yourself… but then again… sometimes we just jumped ourselves into trouble due to lack of preparation such as myself right now. Right exactly at the third sentences of this blog post I honestly doesn’t have a clue what subject I would like to talk or write on this post (silly me) yeah what’s new…

Okey here is some idea, guess what guys… May is about to end and june is just right around the corner. Which mean… it is almost half of the year of 2012. So…? So how about if I reminded all of you about this year resolutions… u know that crappy bullshit idea you try to implement to yourself mostly at December about things that you would like to achieve in the next year coming. Did you still remember your resolutions? Well if you didn’t remember yours at least I remembered mine and due to the fact that this post you read are in my blog. So how bout if I shares a little bit about my resolution for 2012.

Okey, first and foremost my first successful resolutions for this year will be… able to swallow pills and tablets. (huh?) hei there are still some grown up I knew up until now still having difficulties whenever they need to take some medication because of their incapability to swallow some pills. And Alhamdulillah I’ve managed to surpassed it.

I remembered I wanted to try to do some diet, cliché I knew but guess what… from over 100 to 94 I do think that I’ve done something with that diet resolutions. I knew it is not much but like they say… Rome wasn’t build in a day

And then there was this blog post. I surely remembered that I would like to write more than I’m used to in 2011. And looking at my blog post right now… it’s not much but I’m advancing.

So what do I tried to pull right here… i just would like to remind myself and you... yes you who might have spent about 5 minutes to read this post to this very sentences. Everything is possible... it might not be easy or as classy and smooth as you might think it would be... so what if your resolutions for this year is still far to achieved.... hell as long as we keep moving forward in order to achieved it then everything is possible.

A friend of mine used to say... “semua itu mungkin kecuali makan kepala sendiri!-@kodski” another friend stated at her status message “without stress my life would be empty - @mydee” even lenka was known for her single “trouble is a friend” and then i remember one of many preach my boss used to tell to his employee. “Problems in life was given to be solved and confronted not to be avoided-USN” so have faith my friend... have faith in God and in ourself...

Side notes:

Big Boss gw termasuk gerombolan “orang tua” yang sering sekali memberi wejangan. Dan salah satunya adalah pemberitaan yang baik harus terus menerus diulang, kenapa? Karena dengan begitu akan menjadi penyemangat bagi diri kita sendiri untuk terus berbuat semakin baik dan menginspirasi yang lain untuk turut berbuat kebaikan... berhubung kita ini mahluk sosial yang katanya memerlukan yang lain dalam hidupnya... maka semboyan ‘help yourself by helping others’ akan terus berjalan... dan kira-kira... siapakah hari ini yang hidupnya menjadi lebih indah karena kehadiran anda di kehidupan mereka? Kalau anda bingung mencari siapa... hei ada satu disini... iya yang bikin tulisan yang anda baca ini... terima kasih sudah sampai ke akhir tulisan yang berawal dari serabutan ide abstrak diatas keyboard ini. Hope you enjoy it as much as i’m enjoying my thought and finger mumbling all around this post... ciao’ 


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