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I Need My Pals

Have you ever saw a movie called Rat Race? You know the one with rowan atkinson and some other cast that was put in to some kinda Competitions to compete over some amount of money, wait... why do i refer to that movie while there were other easier example such as “The Amazing Race” *silly me Anyway from that TV shows i’ve learned that in order to win the race (or in life) you have got to have something within yourself which include Passions, Attitude, Lucks and Skills let just call it as “PALS”

Like what i used to hear from a career coach “what is your passion?” having a Passion would bring us to be able to give 110% off ourself. Senor Coelho twitpic a picture which says “You are what you believe that you would be...” and with the right amount of passions to achieved your goals... guess what you can actually suprised yourself.

Attitude (1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100)* there is also some broadcast message saying that the one thing that can give you a 100 point in life was “Attitude”. It is not Persistency, Inteligence or either Passion that will give you a 100 points. You can be as skillfull as you can be in life but with the wrong kind of attitude you will not gain that maximum score. I’m not saying that you wouldn’t achieved anything by being a smart ass. I’m just saying that it will not gave you that 100 point.

So what is exactly the right attitude? hell how should i know... why dont you tell me about it so that we both can learn and shares some thoughts... but for me, to be able to put first thing first (i.e pray when it is already time for a routine pray...) to respect others for we never know what kinda battle that they’ve got to put up with, and always try to keep a smile on our face for all i know wearing a smile in a face is always better than wearing a frown when we need to face others.

Lucks, for those of you who never trust on your luck... so be it... but for me, i believed that there is a miracle in life, which Allah s.w.t the Almighty God will gave to each and every one of us. Though it is sometimes seems not to be the one that we ask for.... but it is always the best fit for us, we just haven’t realized it yet (and yes i’m just saying this out of the blue... for i’m still learning and i’m not exactly a role model for a religious person)

And the last one will be Skills, for all i know... with the right amount of passion and attitude we can always develop our skills. You can be athletics, have a great voice, or great analytical minds as long as you put your heart in to it. Skills is like a knife that can be sharpen all the time.

See, imho with the right “Pals” we can conquer the world and wouldn’t stuck in somekind of rat race of life where we were born, go to school, go to work, Having a family due to the clause “just being like everybody else” and so i said good morning to all, this is a new day and go find your “PALS” and live your life lively then.


note :
* A = 1; B = 2 ; etc


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