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Rectoverso - The Unspoken Love  was actually a compilation of 5 short movies based on a novel written by Dewi "Dee" Lestari.

details about the movie itself can be catch at :

RECTOVERSO - Cinema 21

and here is some pointers I catch during watching the movies...
know it seems like I didn't concentrate enough at the movie. but frankly speaking. it's a movie about unspoken love. it's good and one of the stories had succesfully made me shed a tears. (yup... the emotion was that deep...)

it is full of nice quotation, but unfortunately for me the final sound mixing became a bit annoying especially there is some part of the movies where the sound became louder than other part of the movies.
the movies as being mention earlier was actually a compilation of 5 short movies. which shows that it is crowded with a lot of main cast. among many... for me the one that stood out was :

Lukman Sardi as Abang (an autism man which happen to fall in love to a girl that ended up being his brother lovers) at one of the short film (heaven knows)

some of the quotation that i loved from this short film was : (it might not exactly the same as what being said at the film. but surely hope i can delivers it good enough)

"when you are counting stars in the midnight sky, do make sure that if there is a stars that doesn't shine as bright as the others... you also count it... you can't just neglect it"

and then the Abang character starts counting it and stop when he reached one hundred and one

and in the end of the film there is a note that sound more or less like this

'one hundred was already perfect, and you are one; which is more than perfect'

other movie that catches me a lot was a movie directed by rachel maryam and written by indra herlambang. the film was called premonition.

first of all... Asmirandah the cast for Senja was drop dead gorgeous... kawaii as the japs might say.

nice quote i catch from this film was

'what is premonition? premonition is the way the universe talk to us. 
unfortunately we often understands it, although actually we can all 'communicate' with the universe if we only tried to'

Since I'm a caffeine addict there is also a quote related to a cup of strong black coffee

'why do i loved my coffee tasted that bitter? because it will remind me that there is always a sweeter things there outside the world that we can be grateful with'

extra notification:

it is for adult movies, so parents... made sure don't brings your kids to watch this movie. and brother & sister... watch our juniors.

it is about an unspoken loved conditions...
So... be sure to be bold enough to watch it if you are in an unspoken loved conditions. otherwise you might ended up writing a blog about this movies #eh

karena hanya isyarat
yang sehalus udara
yang tak kasat mata
yang dapat tersirat

akan isi hati dan jiwa
pada satu 
yang lebih dari sempurna


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