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Pink Beach, Lombok

So this March, I went to Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat. for a business trip of course...

After all the 'work' stuff done, it is time for the 'play' stuffs :)

where do I played on this occasion, I went to a place named Pink Beach.

Pink beach, no this is not a beach owned by Alecia Beth Moore. It is a location at east of Lombok Island, NTB Indonesia. Which in my opinion was a “great”  getaway place from all your daily activities.

Who named it Pink? I have no idea, funny if we look back in an area such as Lombok where most of the site named with local name such as Gili Trawangan, Senggigi, etc. this location were named “Pink”. So without further due ladies and germs let me introduce you to the site of “Pink Beach” Lombok

As you all can see, the effect of sunlight toward the sand create a pink gradation along the shore, for those who loved photography this is a site to check when you go out and travel to Lombok.

How do we get there? the location is at East of Lombok, you can ask your guide to lead you first toward Jerowaru or Tanjung ringgit. After around 2 hours of ride, you can ask the local which direction toward Pink Beach. The only signage at the main road that tell you about pink beach was just a piece of pink wooden board sized 10 x 30 cm and there is a text written “PINK” in black paint located on the left side of the road.  From that left turn, just follow the road and it will lead you to a  crossroad, and there you will once again saw a signage, this second signage is a pole that shows two direction, one leads you to took a right turn and one is to go straight to Tanjung ringgit. Took the path straight from the road you are before, if you look closely at the top side of the sign there is a text written with some kind of small brush in white color saying “Pink Beach” 

(The road was still only like a track, not an official state street. so it will be very bumpy. It is better if you use an SUV if you like to go there. you cant rent a car at Mataram, it will cost you from around 600 - 1 mio rupiah to rent a car a day. depends on your type of car off course)

There will be a steep road at your left that will lead you to the shore, and voila... welcome to pink beach

if you hope to find some hawker or some locals that sells drinks along the shore than you will be disappointed, it is still empty. there were only one boat that will give you a ride to go to an island near the shore to enjoy a full view of the beach.

the water is so clear you can see the colors of the rocks under your feet...

and the view... great...

anyway, one other cool parts of this beach was that, I've left my slippers before I went to the beach, and it is still at the same position like when I've left it after around 30 minutes. the local told me that it is better to come there when it was at the rainy season, if you come at summer, it will be to hot and dry. Instead of enjoying the view you will be more bothered by the heat by then.

This beach was only one of many traveling site that Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia had to offered, there is also senggigi, kuta, gili trawangan, etc. My friend even told me that there is another site not far from this Pink Beach that have even a pinker sand. (well another time maybe, I can go that place... amien)

Unlike Bali with all of it's "full of life" ambiance, Lombok offered a more peaceful and relax kind of enjoyment on your journey. And for those of you who loved spicy food, well lombok definitely the place to be. 

just try it, you'll see what I mean... :)

more photos from my trip to lombok can be  check at :

Live your life lively then,



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