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"Delivering Happiness"

Delivering happiness was actually a tittle of a book written by Tony Hsieh, He is the CEO of Zappos.com,Inc. as you can see on the cover (below) it got #1 new york times best seller and #1 wallstreet journal best seller and in my perspective, that kind of recognition is not something that we can put aside as simple as that.
Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh 2010
my bos used to say that recognition is important. first it shows a form of appreciation about what have been done and achieved. it is also can be used as to reinforced ourselves and our clients that we we're actually doing things right around here and we must have faith in ourselves. it can also be used to redirect others to do things as we planned it to be.
now back to the book, this book actually filled with stories shared from Tony Hsieh as the CEO and founder of Zappos about how things been done in his company. how vision and culture is important for a company and to maintain it will help something being sustainable. zappos with it's ten core values has grown to be a place where people actually wanted to work in it only in a less than ten years running. It describes how people do like to go to work on monday cause being at the office feels like being at home for their employers. 
The language that Hsieh choose and the way he shares his stories through out this book is so down to earth and simple even a guy with minimum knowledge of english such as myself able to understand it quickly. there is a lot of simple line that worth thinking over with. although i got to be honest with you there are some line i skimmed during my reading.
with it simplicity, i've learned that one of our ultimate goals in this world is to be happy and made people that we care happy. it is quiet similar with one of our holy prophet Muhammad S.A.W teaching that "the best example of man amongst you are the one that contributes to others around them"
now , i've said it earlier on this post about zappos ten core values, and here is the list of their core :
1.   Deliver WOW Through Service
2.   Embrace and Drive Change
3.   Create Fun and a Little Weirdness
4.   Be Adventurous, Creative and Open Minded
5.   Pursue Growth and Learning
6.   Build Open and Honest Relationship with Communication
7.   Build a Positive team and Family Spirit
8.   Do more with Less
9.   Be Passionate and Determined
10. Be Humble
for more details, do read the book... or check on to this website http://www.deliveringhappinessbook.com It is much more useful rather than trying to understanding it through my writing. "Delivering Happiness" is a book that I strongly recommended for my friends either they were an employee at some office, an entrepreneur, a reporter, a chef, or a guy that works in the government department. either way... either your a one man army kinda guy or you are a captain with teams to be managed, this book will expand your perspective on doing things that you do. It is right to done wrong as long as we learn from the experience. It is the mistakes and loses that hit us that made us able to stand stronger later on. "just look at the wave... we can't stop it... but we can learn to surfs" 
survey kecil:
guys and girls, kawans... kita bermain sedikit ya...
apa yang pertama muncul di kepala kalian ketika muncul kata ini. (tahu kan tipe permainan yang dulu suka dikasih lihat di serial F.R.I.E.N.D.S atau baru-baru ini dimainin Deddy Corbuzier di acara tvnya yg hitam putih itu... tapi santai, ini gak pakai acara menebak isi pikiran kok... bukan mentalis...)
oke here is the word, ready :
1. Mentega
2. Taksi
3. Batere
4. Fastfood
5. Pizza
itu kalau katanya berupa benda, bagaimana kalau katanya berupa hal lain seperti kata-kata berikut, kira-kira apa yg muncul di kepala :
1. BCA
2. iPhone
3. Solaria
4. Kopaja
5. PLN
baik positif maupun negatif respon kata yang muncul, yang pasti terdapat kekuatan yang mengerikan dibalik sesuatu yang dinamakan brand


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